How a Gamolock is created and the price of Art

People often ask me how long it takes to make a Gamolock. They ask, “did you draw it out first”? They want to know what the plan was. The best way for me to answer questions like these is simply to answer with the truth. I don’t know. each Gamolock is different some take twenty minutes and some take years. None were thought out. In fact, I don’t even know what the Gamolock is going to look like until its done.

When I was young I made a perfect Gamolock. I loved it a lot and I played with it every day. One day, I lost it.  When I found it again, it was outside and its legs had been torn off by someone who thought they were being funny. At first I didn’t cry, I simply tried to fix it. I couldn’t. there was no way to ever make it whole again. I had to make a whole new Gamolock and it came out completely different. I didn’t know it then but I learned a valuable lesson about Art  from this experience, ” True Art can never be recreated or replaced”. This makes every piece of art priceless. Every piece special to the person that loves it.


An Artist Perspective

I believe its important for an Artist to create a self portrait. in my case it was complex because I needed two completely different Gamolocks to capture the most important parts of my personality. The Chief is about flight and power, and his dark brother is about earth and poisonous power. we are all powerful people but it can be positive or negative. I believe we need both.