The vision of the Gamolock store

I Had a dream I was a Gamolock I couldn’t believe it. I had really cool Karate moves and there were a lot of me to go around. a lot o great thing await Gamolock in the future and the Gamolock store is one of them. to everyone who has purchased their very own Gamolock thank you for your support.

The Beginning Of Gamolock

I know I’ve been writing things here and there about Gamolocks, but I’ve never really explained where they came from, at least not on this site. I was talking to my girlfriend earlier and she told me she went to my Gamolock site and had not seen anything new in a while so this time i figured i would write something a little different, maybe a little older to me but newer to you, my audience. I will write about the origin of Gamolocks.

In order to explain how I came up with this art form I have to start with a story from when I was five years old. When i was five years old I went to the store with my mother and two sisters, I think the store was Value city in Cleveland Ohio about 1982. I wanted a toy, a transformer, that looked like a bat but changed into a man. I wanted it so bad that instead of asking I insisted on having it and i put it in the shopping cart. My mother told me that she didn’t have enough money to buy it for me but I insisted anyway. For some reason I just had to have this toy. We got all the way to the checkout line and my Mother took the transformer out of the cart and told me sharply ” we don’t have enough money to buy this toy for you”. I was crushed. I threw a temper tantrum in the store and cried all the way home. I made my mother feel really bad for not buying me this tor because at this point in our lives, we were really broke living on food stamps and section eight only bringing in six thousand dollars a year. She really couldn’t afford the toy for me.

when I got home I looked through the house determined to make this toy I wanted from the store but couldn’t have. At this point I had been experimenting with materials like yarn, material, needles and pencil erasers, all things I found at the Character shop (a clothing store my mother worked at, where she made clothing) but for this special toy I needed something different. this toy had to move and transform just like the toy in the store. I took the bread ties off the loaves of bread and all the twist ties I could find from all over the house. I found this way of tying and twisting  them together to form the shape of a man and I called it Gamolock. I could change him into whatever I wanted and as long as I had more twist ties which almost always could be found on loaves of bread and garbage bag containers, I could always make more. So, you see I got my transformer after all.