This is how a fight with the Shadow Clan would Look!! Just about hopeless>…

They form a wall of martial artist around the targeted fellow, and they fight him forever, each one matching the style and form of the opponent and then engulfing the opponent by all focusing on different weakness within his martial arts…


Bruce lee’s influence with Gamolock

I’ve always read a lot of Bruce Lee’s philosophies and watched a lot of his movies, especially when I was a child learning how to fight. Now that I’m older and a twenty seven year veteran of the practice of Martial Arts myself, I have been able to incorporate some of the written teachings of Bruce Lee into the movements of Gamolocks. Bruce Lee had a particular theory of life, ” Be like water”, He said!

I create Gamolocks as action figures able to balance in many different ways if one has the patience to balance it. Each Gamolock starts with a skeleton. The skeleton is measured very carefully being almost equal length for arms,legs, feet ect. This allows maximum balance potential with each action figure. Each action figure is able to stand on one hand or one foot. Gamolocks are also equipped with real working weapons for added effect. Each sword is made either from needles or sheet metal (depending on the style of Martial Arts practiced by the Gamolock).

Gamolocks are known for their needle edge fencing swords. They practice a style of Bushido in which the fighter is not sliced but poked. Gamolocks are made by a pattern of weaving he pipe cleaners in which the the organs of the Gamolocks with a very thick metal skin, so slicing won’t help. in order to hit the organs one would have to poke, Hence, “The Gamolock Needle Katana and Wakosaishi (small needle sword). Gamolocks who use these weapons are usually Samurai and Ninja Gamolocks. The flat sabor swords are carried by Gamolocks who tend to practice an animal style Kung Fu, These are usually Monk, Dragon and Wu tang Monks. The other weapons are flailing weapons like nunchaka, Hammer, wipblade, and boomerang (although, boomeranges are rarely carried anymore). Wipblades can be carried by space Gamolocks, ninja and Samurai. Now enough about weapons check out the Bruce Lee Gamolock!

The new abstract Gamolocks

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The History of Gamolock, The Chief, His Dark Brother and the Clans

When I was a child, I made a man. I called him Gamolock. He was made from needles and garbage bag ties. This was all I could find. I made this man and soon enough many others. They all had many abilities. Some could flip some could fly some could do martial arts and some could do magic. I never thought this but philosophically, all the things that Gamolocks could do and imagine, were things that I could imagine and do.  I created worlds for them and they were at peace with each other. As soon as they discovered the existence of other Gamolocks, they began to compare themselves to one another and then to fight.

At first the fights were small. All the Gamolocks would meet get into a circle and the two newest and strongest would fight with each other doing more and more complicated moves until one lost. The one who won would be named chief of all the Gamolocks. His name would become Gamolock.

Sometimes Gamolock would rule for a long time and sometimes Gamolock would rule for a day before I would make another more powerful Gamolock to take his place.  For example, some chief Gamolocks would be made from different color twist ties and would be wearing a button in the middle of his chest as powerful armor especially if the button came from my coat of shirt. I think to a Gamolock it would be like wearing clothes from their very own maker so to other Gamolocks button wearers were always held in very high regard, holy in fact.

As the world of Gamolocks enlarged itself over time, the Chief of all Gamolocks started to live longer and longer. The current Gamolock chief has lived fifteen years, for a Gamolock this is like living for thousands of years. The way the chief accomplished this feat was by the means of a Gamolock reincarnation. For Gamolocks, reincarnation means the destruction or change of the old body and the creation of the new body in which the head of the old Gamolock is transferred along with any cool weapons that the old body carried. The new body is usually made with new and improved technology such as skeletons balance fingers ect. The old body is then either burned or made into another Gamolock so different from the chief that it almost comes to be no relation at all. The chief then goes on to rule the Gamolocks as the strongest and most advanced.

The chief of Gamolocks, as cool as he may be, is not the only Gamolock that reincarnates to new and improved forms in order to maintain control throughout the Gamolock universe. When the chief was created, another Gamolock was created to become the chief’s exact opposite. This Gamolock is known as the chief’s dark brother.

Dark brother is the same age as the chief. His role in the Gamolock world is to maintain balance of power between good and evil  hence forth, for every Gamolock that is created, there is another twin Gamolock created to become his or her exact opposite. This variation of Gamolocks is shown by the light color of dark color of the Gamolock.  The light color Gamolocks are under the control of the chief and the dark colored ones are under the control of the dark brother.

The chief and his Dark Brother rarely fight each other. The arguments they have are usually decided by the different Gamolocks under their control. For instance, the Gamolock monk clan and the Gamolock ninja clan are always in disagreement with each other therefore there is always reason for war between the two clans. The monks are good natured Gamolocks who believe in life learning and martial arts education of many different styles. The ninja clan believes in betrayal and murder, all their styles lead to the death of their opponent. A monk can never kill and a ninja has to in order to maintain balance in the world of Gamolock.