“Ship” The story and purpose

To all the people who love Gamolocks and wish to know more about the pipe cleaner creations that seemed to have invaded this world overnight or, as of by magic, I want to tell you all the story of ship, my newest and most complicates design by far at this time.

For my whole life I have wondered about life on other planets. I look up at the stars every night wondering if i will see a light moving really fast, or a flying saucer. Will the ship look like an airplane or will it be an organic life form itself carrying other organic lifeforms within its body? will the Alien race be able to travel at light speed or the speed of thought? These types of questions, for me could only be answered by artistic expression which came in the form of ship.

Ship is made of life forms who decided to combine their organic material and thoughts enabling them all to travel through space. Their main focus is to travel to distant planets, land, separate, and populate the planet. If you look closely at the photographs I took of ship you can almost see them gliding through space like an underwater organic life form, landing on a planet with lush green water like atmosphere, separating, and going their own separate ways to populate.

The inner workings of ship on a molecular level contain all the DNA sequences of their distant planet Gamolock, placed just so,  in order to create the most energy efficient being with the ability to travel through space at the speed of thought. for short, Ship is a mastermind of an entire planet combined with the genetic material of all species, insect and animal alike. I believe that in order for space travel to really, truly exist, this type of technology would have to be discovered. It all starts with a thought and Ship is the blueprint.