The Planes people of Gamolock

There is a new group of Gamolocks I will present to all the folks who enjoy new and bizarrely types of art. Here is something for your viewing pleasure. I call this group of Gamolocks the Planes Gamolock clan. A little about the Planes Gamolock clan: They are a race of beings from different planets all together on another distant planet just living out their lives and surviving using different techniques from their native worlds. There is the Aphrodite Gamolock Goddess of war. she lives on a sun in the Orion Galaxy, but gets Banished and moves to New Jupiter where she Joins up with a Mutated Chinese Praying Mantis Gamolock from earth and a Sagittarius from Mars. On new Jupiter they Join up with Chief Boaz Gamolock and fight with the Medusa, Abelothe, Alien and Dark Brother Gamolock Ninja clan. I know the story is complicated, but aren’t the Gamolocks cool? Enjoy!