Old Time Gamolock Line

Hello again, I have a lot of Pictures this time so I won’t say a lot. Up to this point, I’ve had some people who have been very faithful to the Gamolock cause. Some have even bought a few LoL!!! I thank you. Every dollar paid to Gamolock, ensures the creation of new and improved Gamolocks along with the future expansion and creation of the Gamolock Movie and store. So far every Gamolock I have made over the years has found a home with some fortunate person, who I am sure has taken great care of such a rare and unique piece of art, and yes, I am speaking of my  largest volume of customers, children. I am also speaking of my biggest spending customers, the adults, the imaginers, the big children who decided to love toys and never grow up, like myself. Well, to everyone who loves Gamolocks, today you are in for a treat. I’m going to take you down memory lane of the Gamolock world by placing this gallery of; a bunch of random Gamolocks I’ve sold over the years. Most greatest live long enough to spread art so far around the world, that they randomly run into it again some faithful day hanging in a store of in a museum. Well for Gamolock, its the customer who gets to run into a Gamolock they may own or have seen in person at some time in their life prior to reading this blog or looking through this Gallery. I hope you enjoy this Gallery it brought back a lot of memories for me and makes me so thankful to all the folks who have supported and own, their very own Gamolock!!!!!

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For My sister The late Evelyn Quaye

To all the faithful folks who love Gamolocks you are in for a treat. As most of the Gamolock fans may know I have been away for a while from the blog partially because of the unexpected and sudden death of my sister Evelyn Quaye, as well as the fact that Gamolocks take time to make because of the actual Idea of each Gamolock which also make them the most original and unique action figures ever made. In the event of  death or sickness, Gamolocks, offers a service. As most of you know or don’t know, I often take a lock of hair from a customer and create a Gamolock based on the spiritual soul of that individual. Does this mean I am psychic? Not at all. I simply believe that a soul has many forms and not all of them are human. Some of them are Gamolock. Fifteen years ago i created a Gamolock called Chief. I have posted many pictures of the Chief on this website and many others as well. What sets the Chief apart from all other Gamolocks is that he has my own hair woven into his hair and a few drops of my own blood woven into his character because while he was being created, I pricked my finger and had to finish his body while my finger was bleeding. Not a lot, just a little. For this reason I will never sell him and I named him the Chief of all Gamoloks because he alone I believe to be a version of myself in Gamolock form. The reason this is relevant to the death of my sister, is because when I saw her body, I cut some of her hair and used it to create a version of my sister in Gamolock form. I call this Gamolock the “Ninja of Mortal Death”. My sister was a fighter in life. She was also a Martial Artist as well as myself, so I thought it only right to create her Gamolock in the form of a Martial Artist, and what Martial Arts style studies death more than Ninjitsu? I thought it only fitting that she become a Ninja. Along with her I created a Gamolock protector to guide her on her journey into the afterlife. His name is the protector and he is a celestial master on every style of martial arts. For this reason he is a mystery we can only come to understand in our own afterlife. By the way, He looks really cool. So without further ado, Here are the Evelyn Quaye Gamolocks. Keep in mind, that these are only the first to come.