Gamolock Kung Fu God

As some of you may know, I am very into kung Fu. Some of my favorite, martial artist in Claude: Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Gordon Liu , Jean Claud Van Damm, Cristian Bale, Jet Li, and the list goes on and on. After dealing with death and other dimensions one starts to wonder. What really happens on the other side?

As some of you also may know I am a Dragon Ball Z fan as well, not just because of the magnificent   fight scenes and the uncountable sophisticated, enemies around every corner, but the philosophy behind the star character Goku. After a fight with seemingly impossible enemy named Cell, Goku, is killed in battle and goes to heaven. While in Heaven, he goes to martial arts tournaments to compete with people from all over the universe. With this next Gamolock from the Holy Gamolock collection, I used Bruce lee as the Gamolock Character. In this realm Bruce Lee is a bad ass martial artist with the fastest hands in the world. On the other side in the soul plane he is a Martial arts God he does the highest form of martial arts in the  Gamolock world and he plays chess as well.



The Holy Gamolocks

I’m back!, After months of hard work and constant areas of evolution, I have finally gotten myself into the train of thought, spirituality. As some of you may know, a few months back, my sister passed away. At first I was devastated. she was my closest friend, confidant, and older sister all in one and she still is, but on a different level now.

During the first few months of my sister’s passing I underwent a few changes in personality and form. While working through the grief I asked myself what was it all for, you know, try and answer this question one has to ask him/her self who actually knows what life is? Is it a priest? mother, father, yourself, How can we know after all we are all, even though different, we are are all, at the same time human.I decided to study these questions and look for answers by getting deeper into my craft and here is what I came up with. I call these Gamolocks the holy “Gamolocks”.

Due to the hours of work and intense detail that went into each of these Gamolocks you are about to view, I will only be able to show you one at a time. The philosophy behind these Gamolocks is Gods. All my life i have studied about many different Gods. Gods such as Zeus, the God of lightning and Thor the God of thunder, Hercules the demigod, and Poisiden, the God of the sea, and what interest me is the word “Legends”.

What is a legend? Is it a made up story, or a story that started out fact but was passed along with embellishments?. If its a true story with embellishments then these Gamolocks are right up your alley. The first one of the Holy Gamolocks I’m going to talk about, I like to call “Gamolock Zeus”.

In the world of Gamolock, all Gamolocks have Souls, and all Gamolocks have bodies. The Soul is the part that makes up the eternal consciousness that inhabits a molecular body a and creates life. The Gamolock is the organic body. Sometimes, souls can be Gods.

When Zeus was in the physical form of a Gamolock, he was a native American Chief. He became chief of his tribe when he saved them from a pack of ravenous wolves all infected with rabies. It was said that he fought so brilliantly that every-time he through his spear, he took a life, recovered the spear and took another. He accomplished this feat without gaining any type of injury and without loosing a single life of any member of the tribe. For this, the tribe believed him the reincarnation of the great god of lightning “Zeus”, because of how fast he threw the spear, he was forged the lightning shaped spear made of sacred metal, believed to be brought to Earth by the Gods 1000, years ago. Here are photos of what I believe he may have looked like, enjoy!!