The reinvention of the Gamolocks.

Hello everyone as you can probably tell from my lack of post in the last few months, I have been very low on ideas. I believe this was caused by a lack of focus where the Gamolocks are concerned but today, things are different. Sometimes in order to find the path of spiritual enlightenment, one has to look back and see where one has been.
I have been working on Gamolocks for most of my life, I was about five years old when I started, now I am thirty five. Throughout the years, have made Gamolocks in many forms from many different materials, finding new inspirations and new paths with every new creation. After thirty years I can safely say, Gamolocks are a part of me. They are the way I see and interpret the world, which means, they are not toys, they are art.
Art in my opinion, is a creation, song or idea that comes to the physical body from a plane of thought we call the ethers. In order to become a true artist, one would have to let ideas flow from the ethers through the brain and into a physical medium in which others are allowed to see and interpret for themselves. I guess what I’m saying is that art is all around us physically and spiritually. We cannot always put a name or a title on it because it comes from a realm deeper than our own physical understanding of the world we live in.
When I created Gamolocks for the first time, I was a child fulfilling a need to have a toy by using my creative abilities. Now I am an adult and I still create these Gamolocks. Why? To truly answer that question I would have to look back into the past. I won’t bore you with the specifics but in the past, I created Gamolocks to sell so I could afford food, shelter. It wasn’t about the art and I didn’t truly respect the gift I had been given. Some may disagree but that is the truth.
I was with a wonderful woman for about five years and I was happy. While I was happy I created more Gamolocks because I was inspired by the happiness from my relationship. As the happiness started to fade, so did the desire to make Gamolocks, again, why?
As I re examine the Gamolocks with wiser eyes I have come to a realization. I have not created a Gamolock in a while simply because I got bored with seemingly limited options of selling my creations. For short I got caught up with the belief that they were something to be sold. This was not why I made Gamolocks. In the struggle of trying to make a living I fell off the path of the true childlike happiness which was why I made them in the first place. Now I have found that path again and recognize the simple truth about Gamolock which is, they make me happy. I didn’t make them for other people, I made them for myself. I made what I thought was cool. By putting them online for all to see, I was sharing my gift of happiness with others. This is why the money aspect wasnot important in the grand scheme of things, although it would be nice to not have to struggle with bills and limitations. The path of Gamolock is to show possibility and to inspire people to be truly happy and appreciative of life even when there is not enough money. They are symbols of living within your means and creating what you want in your life. If I had a lot of money to start with, I would never have been able to make Gamolocks on the first place.
So to all the people who have loved and supported me during the hard times and good times I will say thank you. I am just getting started, and there is a lot more to come from Gamolock in the near future. I only ask that when you see these new Gamolock creations, you would look at them and see them as art. They are not toys. They are manifestations from the ethers brought to you in order to make you smile, wonder, and imagine. As I have been inspired I hope to inspire. As I create I am created. Thank you all for supporting and believing in me and my Gamolocks.